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Our Beliefs


Holy Bible

Scriptural integrity

  • The Message of the Bible is Preached.

  • The Bible is read in a thoughtful, spiritual, and practical manner through weekly Bible Studies Wednesdays at       3:00 pm.

  • We teach youth and children the Biblical story and guide them to live its message.

  • We are informed by the great confessions of the Church including those of the Early Roman Catholic Church, The Reformed Church, and the Modern Church.


Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Each person is nurtured into a personal relationship with Christ.

  • Together we seek to know and practice the teachings of Jesus as the central focus of our life together.

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  • We are committed to worshiping our great God daily in our private lives and as a community.

  • We are welcoming, affirming, and willing to worship God as a congregation regardless of location or building.

  • Our Sunday service follows the Reformed practice of the Congregation participating in responses, Scripture reading, leading of music and offering prayers, and instructing children.

  • We are also open to pursuing new forms of worship expression.


Acceptance of all people

  • We welcome all in love as modeled by Christ.

  • We are intentionally reaching out beyond Sunday worship to increase participation in all church activities.

  • A strong feeling of family and authentic relationships pervade our congregation. The absence of judgment and the presence of love and acceptance are our foundation.

  • Our new vision is to reach people where they are in the community rather than wait for them to come to our services or building.

  • We are deeply passionate about overcoming the injustices to people in society and the world.

Tour Group


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  • We are truly blessed with spiritual and financial gifts.

  • We are uniquely gifted with diverse and strong leadership.

  • The congregation gives generously to the church and the community showing hospitality.

  • We are determined to survive and thrive as a congregation and live within our financial means.


outward focus

  • We share the Gospel in word and deed.

  • We provide essential community services while showing the love of Christ.

  • Partnering with others in the community to support social justice and serving those in need.

Helping Hands
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